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All present members of National Board of Directors of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools Group in the meeting held on 16 December 2014 have unanimously approved following Silver Jubilee Programmes to be organized in year 2015-2016:

Duration –
The duration for yearlong Silver Jubilee celebrations shall be from 12-01-2015 to 31-03-2016 i.e. to start on the eve of auspicious day–Gyan Yug Diwas–97th Birthday celebration of His Holiness Maharishi Ji and to complete on the last day of academic year 2016, 31st March.

The programme to include –
a) Achieve CBSE affiliated schools number 100 by March 2016.

b) To advertise, recruit, train and post at least one male and one female TM Teacher in each branch. Ideally to provide one     TM Teacher on each group of 500 students. As per current student strength, need about 200 TM Teachers. It will be     good if all TM Teachers are trained as Siddhi Programme Teachers also in phases.

c) Introduce Maharishi Consciousness based Education in true spirit in all schools. For this appoint and train at least 3-4     dedicated teachers in each school.

d) Translate and print MBCE material in Hindi for all North Indian States.

e) Arrange at least one TM Camp in each school every month. Invite student’s parents first and then invite general public     to learn TM and TM-Siddhi programme.

f) Invite all student’s parents who are Meditators and initiate them in to Siddhi programme immediately.

g) Establish many gents and ladies flying groups in each city.

h) Arrange group practice of TM by 1,00,000 students, teachers, staff, parents and other persons at least once in a     month in the country on one pre-announced date and time.

i) Arrange group practice of TM-Siddhi including Yogic Flying by 50,000 persons in the country on one pre-announced date     and time.

j) Start organizing and holding Maharishi World Peace Assemblies at many places country wide.

k) Establish official Alumni Association for alumni of MVM Schools, create an interactive web site also.

l) Advertise, recruit, train and post Promoters of Vedic knowledge in each school.

m) Organise 1 day, 3 days, 5 days and 1 week seminars on MCBE, different aspects of Maharishi Vedic Science and      Maharishi Ideal India Campaign in every MVM School for parents of students and for general public. Certificates and      prizes to be given to the best performing participants. Each seminar should start and complete with some cultural      programme based on spiritual, religious and patriotic themes.

n) Establish Directorate of Expansion at National Office and add at least 5-10 new branches of Maharishi Vidya Mandir     Schools every year.

o) Prepare and provide guidelines and training to all schools for plantation of large number of fruit plants, decorative plants     and flowers.

p) MRCC and MNCC to be designated in 2015 as Maharishi Vidya Mandir Silver Jubilee Regional Cultural Celebration and     Maharishi Vidya Mandir Silver Jubilee National Cultural Celebration. Develop complete theme and provide guidelines to     Regional Offices and to all branches.

q) Every branch to adopt at least one nearby village and develop it as ‘Ideal village’ as soon as possible. Prepare detailed     programme and provide to each branch.

r) Organize Maharishi Vidya Mandir Silver Jubilee Regional Sports Celebration and Maharishi Vidya Mandir Silver Jubilee     National Sports Celebration during 2015-16. Identify and appoint a qualified and trained sports person to head the     Department of Sports at National Office under Directorate of Education.

s) Organize 25 teachers training programmes of teaching subjects, MCBE TM and TM Siddhi programme for Principals,     Teachers and administration staff.

t) Prepare and publish our own schools books with highest quality contents and reasonable cost.

u) Decorate/honour 25 best serving individuals who have been working or assisting Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools Group     with Maharishi Vidya Mandir Samman certificate and medal.

v) Install modern educational equipments/teaching aids in all branches.

w) Establish at least 5 Maharishi Kids Home every year.

x) Prepare and release a documentary on achievements of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools of last 25 years.

y) Organize state and national level grand conferences/seminars at various places in country on different topics related to     philosophy, teachings and practical life oriented programmes of Maharishi Ji, various problems in present education     system of India and society as a whole and offer solutions.

z) Design, print and release Silver Jubilee souvenirs i.e. silver metal and paper coins, calendar, stickers, posters, banners     and cards.

aa) Design exhibition on ‘Journey of 25 years of MVM schools’ and send it in few vehicles to move around the country.

Jai Guru Dev, Jai Maharishi

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