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Q1. Who is the founder of Maharishi Vidya Mandir's a group of schools ?
A1. His Holiness maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji is a founder of these schools.
Q2. Who is the Chairman of MVM's ?
A2. A well known educationist Dr.Girish Chandra Varma is the Chairman of MVM's..
Q3. What is the fee structure ?
A3. Special A+ grade..
Q4. Whether the course followed is according to CBSE or Not ?
A4. CBSE course is being followed..
Q5. Whether equipments, toys, cassettes (Audio Visual aids) & play ground available for Nursery & Kindergarten classes ?
A5. Sufficient Nursery equipment and toys are held with the school. Audio visual aids and also being used for the students. Besides this a good playground is there for Nursery and KG's classes..
Q6. What will be the criteria to take streams in XI class ?
A6. Admission procedure for XI class is on pass percentage basis.
Q7. Whether the schools promise us to make our child brilliant & good citizen ?
A7. This can be done only on the joint efforts of the School and the parents.
Q8. Is there any Hindi medium branch of MVM ?
A8. At present there is no Hindi Medium branch in Jabalpur but available at some places.
Q9. Is there any M. P. Board affiliated school also ?
A9. Maharishi Vidya Mandir Vijay Nagar is affiliated to CBSE Board in Jabalpur similarly at other places we have some schools affiliated to local / regional boards other than CBSE.
Q10. Is the same syllabus followed in all the MVM's all over India ?
A10. Yes .
Q11. Will the parents have to take re-admission and pay fresh admission charges if they transfer their ward to any other branch of MVM ?
A11. On transfer of the parents of the wards the student has to take TC and Inter branch certificate. What ever the charges paid in the school that will be accounted for in the next school of MVM towards Tuition fee for the same session. New admission fee is to be paid by the parents..
Q12. Why are annual charges charged every year ?
A12. Annual charge include various charges, like Examination charge, medical charges various other charges which are compulsory in the school and required toward the expenditure for a year..
Q13. Is there any Hostel facility for students coming from out side ?
A13. Not everywhere, Boys & Girls separate Hostel is available at MVM Vijay Nagar Jabalpur-5, MVM Bhopal-1 and MCEE-Bhopal.
Q14. Is the staff well qualified ?
A14. Yes, we have certain norms to judge the teachers before regular appointment in MVM.
Q15. What is the student teachers ratio in the school ?
A15. 1.5.
Q16. What is the fee structure for Nursery / KG's classes ?
A16. Charges for Nursery and KG's students is different to that of other students. You should meet the Principal of MVM of your choice he / she will let you know.
Q17. Does the school have computer as a subject ?
A17. From class XI onward there is a separate subject of Computer and I. T.
Q18. Is there any facility to get award of scholarship to the students excelling in academics ?
A18. Yes, students excelling in academic are awarded scholarship..
Q19. Can students clearing class VIII and X from other board take admission in CBSE ?
A19. Students passing VIII class from any board can be admitted in the CBSE school before start of the registration process. But for 10th class no direct admission is allowed however we allow admission in class XI..
Q20. From which class does the school have computer ?
A20. From 3rd to 10th computer is taught as SUPW subject and in 11th & 12th subject is included in the stream .
Q21. What are the labs available in the school ?
A21. The following labs are available in the school:
4.General science
5.Computer labs
6.Math labs.
Q22. Are there any concessions applicable to the students in fee and whether any facility to provide free books to the poor or excelled students ?
A22. Students who excel in the academic are given concession in tuition fee. However there is no provision for providing free books..
Q23. What are the co-curricular activities that are carried out in the school ?
A23. Lectures, Discussions, Debates, dance and other games. We are arranging mountaineering & tracking programs for our students by our National office..
Q24. What are the stream combinations available in class XI in the school and what is the criteria for choosing a particular stream ?
A24. The following stream combination is available for admission to XI class:-
1.PCM with Hindi &Eng- 60%
2.PCB with Hindi & Eng – 60%
3.PC &C++ with Hindi & Eng –60%
4.Comm & IP with English
5.Arts stream
Language Hindi can be substituted with any other subject.
Q25. Is there any medical check up facility and first aid facility available in the school ?
A25. There is a proper first aid facility available in the school and in addition there is proper medical check up carried out twice in a year by the qualified doctors..
Q26. What is the average strength maintained in each class ?
A26. 45 students in each class.
Q27. Is there any facility of NCC or Scout guide in the school ?
A27. No in every school but few schools have opted this facility.
Q28. What types of the games are played in the school ?
A28. All types of games are played in the school.
Q29. Is your school following the procedure of fee exemption, which is applicable to the girl’s students as per the Govt. orders ?
A29. That facility is available in Govt schools as these schools are completely financed by Govt. and not in private schools. However, CBSE gives scholarship to the girl students who score more than 60% marks in board examination.
Q30. What is the special being taught in MVM's, which is not being taught in other schools ?
A30. Transcendental Meditation, Siddhi and Vedic Science is compulsory to all the the students which creates stress free environment during which student learn..
Q31. What are the results of board classes of the school? State if your school has acquired any topmost ranking in CBSE ?
A31. Our over all X class Board’s Result of all MVM together is nearly 90% in 2007.
Q32. What is the examination pattern being followed in the MVM ?
A32. Complete syllabus is divided into three terms and on completion of each term an examination is conduced..
Q33. What are the admission criteria in your school ?
A33. Nursery to KG admission is given on producing birth certificate.
Class I to V admission is given on production of TC and Mark sheet given by previous school.
Class VI to class IX admission is given after conducting a simple test. Class XI admission in given based on X board score to a particular stream. No admission is given to the board classes i.e. X and XII directly without permission of CBSE / other boards..
Q34. Whether any psychological counseling being given for the students where required..
A34. The students are well taken care of and proper guidance is being given to the students and parents. We are arranging Exports guest lectures for this at some places..
Q35. Education in Maharishi Vidya Mandir and other Institutions is becoming more popular than other schools college in the country. Is some special techniques of education adopted by the Maharishi ji ?
A35. Maharishi Vidya Mandir's are Indian culture school and also teaching TM and Siddhi due to which they are getting benefit. Those who are inclination in all round development of a child based on Indian values and globule vision are coming to us..
Q36. What is the benefit of meditation in the individual life ?
A36. It creates stress free, well adjusted person in the society and enjoy 2005 of life.
Q37. What is the object of MVM's ?
A37. The goal of Maharishi schools is to create ideal citizens, who would fulfill their own interests and the interests of society simultaneously..
Q38. Every school is giving the name of their school as English name where as you have named as Maharishi Vidya Mandir. What is the aim of giving this name ?
A38. As India is having long ancient reach tradition of cultural society. It is well recognized worldwide. So we are proud to select its Indian and traditional name..
Q39. How much this conscious based education successful ?
A39. Our students are more disciplined and no way less successful than any other so called modern schools. The conscious based education is not only literate but also groom the over all personality of the child. It means in real term it provide best education.
Q40. Behind the Vedic Education are you not going towards a particular religion where as the aim of other school is very common ?
A40. The aim MVM is also common which is similar to others but procedure to complete the aim is different. MVM's provide education through consciousness based procedure which provide stress free learning and creates ideal society which reduces the social problems.

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