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Life is always directed toward more and more—more success and more fulfillment.

It is the natural tendency of the mind to move toward greater happiness.

Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation is the technology for everyone to become more creative, more energetic, and happier within themselves.

Transcendental Meditation is the technology to unfold the inner Creative Intelligence of everyone


In every structure and activity in Nature—from the growth of a plant to the movement of the planets—we see intelligence functioning, because we see a systematic, orderly progression and evolution of life.

Considering the natural tendency of life to grow and progress, life should not be a struggle; yet we continue to see struggle and dissatisfaction. This is because the knowledge of this fundamental field of intelligence and order has been lacking.


Like any other science, Maharishi’s Vedic Science, the Science of Consciousness, has both aspects—practical (to provide experience) and theoretical (to provide understanding).

  • Maharishi’s Vedic Science provides systematic knowledge of the field of pure Creative Intelligence—the total potential of knowledge and its infinite organizing power—the source of all knowledge, power, and bliss—the total potential of Natural Law, which unfolds the latent creative genius in everyone.

  • The Transcendental Meditation Program (the practical aspect of Maharishi’s Vedic Science) provides direct experience of the field of pure Creative Intelligence, and offers complete understanding of its nature, development, range, and application.


All the intelligence we display in our life comes from our thoughts, and thought comes from somewhere deep inside.

We locate the center of Creative Intelligence within each individual at the source of thought, beyond the finest aspect of thinking—pure consciousness—the reservoir of Creative Intelligence—a reservoir of infinite intelligence, energy, and creativity.

Leading quantum physicists have identified Transcendental Consciousness as the home of all the Laws of Nature—the Unified Field of Natural Law—which governs the orderly evolution of the universe.


Successful action requires a technique to gain access to the source of Creative Intelligence within ourselves in order to enrich and support every impulse of thought and fulfill every action.

Transcendental Meditation unfolds the creative genius of the self-referral state of intelligence—the home of all the Laws of Nature—and inspires the Laws of Nature to uphold all thought, speech, and action. Support of Natural Law increases in daily life with regular practice


Minimize desires or maximize the ability to fulfill desires is the decision that the busy modern man has to make.

Desires are natural to life, and the fulfillment of desires leads to satisfaction and further steps of progress.

By contacting the source of thought, a state of silent wakefulness, fully-awake awareness—the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature—Transcendental Meditation maximizes the ability to perceive, evaluate, think, and act, and thereby fulfill desires


Skill in action means action without stress and strain—least action that brings maximum results.

By enlivening the total potential of intelligence—pure Creative Intelligence, Transcendental Consciousness—all action spontaneously and naturally has the support of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.

Skill in action means that the field of pure consciousness, pure Creative Intelligence—the silent dynamism of Natural Law—is naturally lively in our awareness, so that we are restful even in dynamic activity. All our actions have the support of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.

Being a systematic procedure to experience finer states of a thought and systematically arrive at the source of thought, pure consciousness, Transcendental Meditation is for skill in action.


For action to be powerful, thinking must be powerful. A strong foundation is necessary for a strong structure.

As a tree is strongest at its roots, so also a thought is most powerful at its source. By contacting the source of thought through Transcendental Meditation, thought becomes more powerful, resulting in more rewarding action.

Just as we water the root of a tree to nourish every aspect of the tree—its branches, leaves, flowers, and fruit—when we take deep rest, it is the basis for dynamic, successful action in all areas of life.


Transcendental Meditation is the technique to do less and accomplish more.

Like an arrow pulled back on the bow for maximum dynamism to hit the target, Transcendental Meditation takes the awareness to the source of thought, the field of pure Creative Intelligence, from where every thought is most powerful and precise, and most capable of achieving its desired goal.


Psychologists say that man generally uses only a small portion of his mind—only 5–10%. This explains why life is not enjoyed in its full potential.

Transcendental Meditation develops full mental potential in a natural manner.


A man is known by how his mind functions. The clarity of awareness that develops through Transcendental Meditation is vital to everyone, no matter what their interest or profession.

Over 600 scientific research studies conducted at 215 universities and research institutes in 30 countries throughout the world document the development of mental potential, the growth of Creative Intelligence, and an improved quality of life through the twice-daily practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Scientific research has also shown that those who practice Transcendental Meditation have access to the ‘brain reserve’—the total potential of Creative Intelligence, the holistic value of brain functioning—which supports the partial values of activity of specific parts of the brain during the processes of hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, smelling, and their corresponding actions.

This means that as the practice advances, the individual mind is increasingly in tune with the Cosmic Mind in a spontaneous manner, and all thought, speech, and action have the support of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.

This holistic value of brain functioning develops as we alternate the deep rest of Transcendental Meditation with dynamic activity.


There are seven states of consciousness: waking state of consciousness, dreaming state of consciousness, sleeping state of consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness. Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness. By experiencing the fourth state of consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness, through Transcendental Meditation, higher states of consciousness unfold until enlightenment—Unity Consciousness—the full awakening of consciousness, dawns, in which one’s total creative potential supports success in every aspect of life.


Meta-analysis is a procedure for drawing definitive conclusions from large bodies of research studies. A meta-analysis of 31 studies found that Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Program produces over three times the degree of deep rest as does just sitting with eyes closed, as measured by basal skin resistance, respiration rate, and plasma lactate. Lower plasma lactate indicates profound relaxation, since high concentrations of lactate have been associated with high anxiety and high blood pressure. Increased basal skin resistance during Transcendental Meditation indicates a lowering of tension, while decreased respiration rate reflects greater relaxation. Reference: American Psychologist 42 (1987): 879–881.

                                             Meditation Technique

EEG coherence increases during the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique. This indicates greater orderliness of brain functioning. EEG coherence has been found to be correlated with higher levels of creativity, intelligence, moral reasoning, neuromuscular efficiency, and with experiences of higher states of consciousness. References: Proceedings of the San Diego Biomedical Symposium 15 (1976): 237–247; Psychosomatic Medicine 46(3) (1984): 267–276; International Journal of Neuroscience 14 (1981): 147–151.

                                             Meditation increased creativity

This study used the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking to measure figural and verbal creativity in a control group and in a group which subsequently learn Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique. Students who learn Transcendental Meditation showed increased creativity over a five-month period. Reference: The Journal of Creative Behavior 13(3) (1979): 169–180.

  Transcendental Meditation Technique showed significant improvement

Students who were instructed in Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Technique showed significant improvements in clarity of perception and memory over a two-week period. Controls who sat with eyes closed twice daily, or who made no change in their routines, showed no change. Reference: Memory and Cognition 10(3) (1982): 207–215.

(These are just a few of the numberless scientific research studies on Maharishi’s
Transcendental Meditation Program.)

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